These duties may be open to interpretation
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On its own, insurance may be difficult to understand. Combine it with a personal injury case, and it can become unbearably frustrating. Due to its many legalities and policy standards, insurance often frustrates people, and doesn’t get any easier when the courts are involved.

Yes, insurance companies are required to uphold certain duties to you as a policy holder—but have you ever considered the duties that are required of you? This can make things even more confusing, but our team of expert personal injury lawyers explain below.

1. Assume no obligation, make no payment, or incur any expense without the carrier’s consent.
2. Immediately send copies to the carrier of any demand, notice, summons, or legal paper received concerning the claim or suit.
3. Cooperate with the carrier in the investigation, settlement, or defense of the claim or suit.
4. Authorize the carrier to obtain medical records or other pertinent information.
5. The driver of an accident may be required to submit to a medical examination, at the carrier’s expense, by physicians of their choice, as often as they reasonably require.

These duties are open to interpretation, and we encourage you to personally reach out to our team for a full, in-depth explanation. Thank you!

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