What To Do In Case of an Automobile Accident?

1. Immediately take whatever safety steps are necessary and prudent to insure that any injured individual receives proper medical attention.

2. If you are injured yourself, do not ignore your own injuries and seek any necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. When you seek treatment, keep a diary of your injuries, pain, medication, missed work, mileage to therapy sessions and any other pertinent information about your damages.

3. Obtain names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses. If you are injured, try to see that someone takes care of this important step. The police, who usually arrive well after the incident in question, rarely see the collision.

4. If the police are present, obtain the investigating officer’s name and badge number and which police department he/she is employed by (Albuquerque Police Department, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, etc.). This will assist you in obtaining a copy of the police report. Determine if any tickets were issued, to whom and for what. If no police were available, go to a substation as soon as possible and fill out a station report of what happened. An exchange of driver’s license and insurance information is appropriate and not an admission of liability.

5. Find out where the vehicles were taken. Do not authorize anyone to make repairs until a photographic record has been made and all parties who wish to examine the vehicle have been advised of its whereabouts and given a chance to examine the damage.

6. When discussing the incident with the police, do not admit liability, rather just provide the facts. Consider carefully before discussing the incident with any party that may be, or may become, adverse to your own interests, such as bystanders or insurance adjusters who want a taped statement. You may be served to retain counsel prior to providing such information.

7. If an you are an employee while in the course of your duty when injured, notify your employer’s Workers’ Compensation Department. It is likely that such coverage will be your exclusive remedy, however at times a third party such as a subcontractor may be found liable for your injuries. Report all information as soon as possible to your own insurer.

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