What should you do if bitten by an animal?

Many of us have a love for animals, and view them as furry, cuddly, friendly creatures—especially dogs. While some dogs are considered part of the family, others can be extremely dangerous and cause great harm.

Animal and dog bites are mainly a result of both the animal and owner. Animals, even dogs, are still animals, with animal behavior and animal instincts. They react to situations based on these instincts, and sometimes their instinct is to respond aggressively and cause harm. Their owners, however, should be in control of their pet or animal. Oftentimes owners are negligent to their animal or its behavior, and thus, allow for a horrible situation to occur.

Whether you were recently the victim of an animal or dog bite or simply want to be aware and prepared, here’s what you should do if you’re bitten by an animal:

1. Seek medical attention. Pay special attention to possible infectious diseases and psychological impact.
2. Determine owner of animal and the animal’s shot records.
3. Take pictures of your injury and the place where the injury took place.
4. Obtain witness information, but do not speak to witnesses again. Let your attorney contact the witnesses.

Of course, the final and most important step is to reach out to Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris Law Firm! Our team is experienced in successfully litigating animal bite cases and is ready to help you.

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