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L to R: Matthew J. Zamora, Andrea D. Harris, Richard J. Valle, C. D. Carter, III, Kathleen D. Carter, Criostoir (Chris) O’Cleireachain

The Carter & Valle Law Firm in Albuquerque (NM) provides expertise in personal injuries, wrongful death, insurance law, claims against government, medical malpractice. We believe “Our Team” can Help You too!

Representative Cases
  • Carmen Arias v. Phoenix Indemnity Insurance Co., 147 N.M. 14, 216 P.3d 264, 2009 -NMCA- 100, Cert. Denied.
  • Carol Williams and Marcus Williams v. Rio Rancho Public Schools, Superintendent Dr. Sue Cleveland and Richard Vonancken, 145 N.M. 214, 195 P.3d 879, 238 Ed. Law Rep. 430, 2008 -NMCA- 150.
  • Gerald L. Smith v. Board of County Commissioners, County of Bernalillo, and Henry R. Westrich, 137 N.M. 280, 110 P.3d 496, 2005 -NMSC- 012.
  • Prakongsri Rhoades, Petitioner-Appellee,v. Daniel K. Rhoades, Respondent-Appellant. 135 N.M. 122, 85 P.3d 246, 2004 -NMCA- 020.
  • Yvette Lucero, individually and as parent and next best friend of Luke Lucero and Isaac Lucero, minors, and Michael J. Lucero, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Richardson & Richardson, Inc.; Albuquerque Public Schools; and John Does 1-15, Defendants-Appellees, 2002-NMCA-013, 39 P.3d 739, Cert. Denied.

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